Microsoft Office Instructor-led Training and Support
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 Microsoft Outlook 2013/2016 Level I - Course Content

One day

This Instructor-led Training course covers the basic functions and features of Outlook 2013/2016. After an introduction to Outlook’s window components, students will learn how to read and send email messages using several methods. Then they will learn how to manage email messages and attachments, configure message options, and use basic search functions. Students will also learn to manage contacts and contact groups, work with tasks, and create appointments. Finally, they will learn to send and respond to meeting requests.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1:           Getting started
Topic A:        The program window
Topic B:        Outlook Today

Unit 2:           Email basics
Topic A:        Reading messages
Topic B:        Creating and sending messages
Topic C:        Working with messages
Topic D:        Handling attachments
Topic E:        Printing messages and attachments

Unit 3:           Email management
Topic A:        Setting message options
Topic B:        Organizing the Inbox folder
Topic C:        Managing junk email

Unit 4:           Contacts
Topic A:        Working with contacts
Topic B:        Address books
Topic C:        Using contact groups

Unit 5:           Tasks
Topic A:        Working with tasks
Topic B:        Managing tasks

Unit 6:           Appointments and events
Topic A:        Creating and sending appointments
Topic B:        Modifying appointments
Topic C:        Working with events
Topic D:        Using Calendar Views

Unit 7:           Meeting requests and responses
Topic A:        Scheduling meetings
Topic B:        Managing meetings