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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Level II and III (combined into one class) - Course Content

One day

This Instructor-led Training course builds on the skills and concepts taught in PowerPoint 2013/2016 Level I. Students will learn to control global settings by using slide masters, and to apply effects such as transitions and timings. They’ll learn more about working with images, and how to include media files, animation, and a photo album in a presentation. Next, they’ll explore advanced tools for working with SmartArt, tables, and charts, and then learn how to create action buttons and equations. Students will also integrate other Microsoft Office files, embed and link external resources, and create hyperlinks. Then, they’ll insert review comments, protect a presentation with a password, and prepare a presentation for delivery in various formats. Finally, they’ll customize application settings and toolbars, and create and apply custom themes.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1:           Slide masters and transitions
Topic A:        Slide masters
Topic B:        Transitions and timings
Topic C:        Custom slide shows

Unit 2:           Graphics and media
Topic A:        Modifying graphics
Topic B:        Media clips
Topic C:        Animations
Topic D:        Photo albums

Unit 3:           Customizing slide elements
Topic A:        Working with SmartArt graphics
Topic B:        Customizing tables
Topic C:        Working with charts

Unit 4:           Action buttons and equations
Topic A:        Action buttons
Topic B:        Equations

Unit 5:           Integrating Microsoft Office files
Topic A:        Applying content from a Word outline
Topic B:        Embedding and linking content

Unit 6:           Finalizing and distributing presentations
Topic A:        Reviewing and finishing
Topic B:        Distributing presentations

Unit 7:           Customizing PowerPoint
Topic A:        Application settings