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Introduction to Personal Computers Using Windows 7 or 10

One day

This course is for students who have little or no experience with personal computers and who want to learn the basics. Students will learn about the main components of a typical computer system and the basic elements of the Windows interface. Students will learn how to navigate in Windows Explorer, organize files and folders, search for items on their computers, and personalize Windows. Students will also learn how to browse the Web with Internet Explorer and how to protect their computers from virus’ and malware.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1:           Computer basics
Topic A:        Computer components
Topic B:        What makes computers work

Unit 2:           Managing computer contents
Topic A:        Storing items on your computer
Topic B:        Working with folders
Topic C:        Working with files

Unit 3:           Searching for content and using Help
Topic A:        Searching for data on your computer
Topic B:        Windows Help and Support

Unit 4:           Customizing Windows
Topic A:        Shortcuts
Topic B:        Gadgets
Topic C:        System settings

Unit 5:           Using the Internet
Topic A:        Browsing the Web
Topic B:        Customizing Internet Explorer
Topic C:        Social networking

Unit 6:           Security and maintenance
Topic A:        Basic security
Topic B:        Routine maintenance