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Microsoft Word 2013/2016 Advanced - Long Documents - Course Outline

One day

Target student:  Anyone in the Legal field, students (especially students who need to do research papers), administrative assistants, or anyone needing to build and manage long documents.

This Instructor-led Training course builds on the skills and concepts taught in previous levels of Word.  In this custom class, students will understand how to create and manage long documents.  They will work with styles and learn how to create a table of contents, index and bibliography.  Students will also learn to understand various types of page breaks, sections and how to insert and manage headers, footers and page numbers.  They will also learn how to manage document revisions when working with co-authors.  Also included is the use of bullets, numbering and multi-level lists.

Table of Contents
Unit 1:           Styles and outlines
Topic A:        Examining formatting
Topic B:        Creating styles
Topic C:        Modifying styles
Topic D:        Working with outlines
Topic E:        Bullets, numbering and multi-level lists

Unit 2:           Page layout
Topic A:        Headers and footers
Topic B:        Margins
Topic C:        Page breaks

Unit 3:           Sections and columns
Topic A:        Creating and formatting sections
Topic B:        Working with columns

Unit 4:           Long documents
Topic A:        Master documents
Topic B:        Tables of contents and figures
Topic C:        Indexes, bibliographies, and other references
Topic D:        Bookmarks and cross-references

Unit 5:           Managing document revisions
Topic A:        Tracking changes
Topic B:        Working with comments

Unit 6:           Formatting tables
Topic A:        Table formatting basics
Topic B:        Borders and shading
Topic C:        Table data
Topic D:        Table styles