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Word 2013/2016 Level III – Course Content

One day

This Instructor-led Training course covers advanced skills and concepts students need to use Microsoft Word 2013/2016 productively and efficiently. Students will learn to create form letters and labels using Mail Merge, add interactive elements such as forms and content from other applications, and to save a file as a web page. Then they will learn how to use document references such as citations, indexes, and tables of contents. Next, they will learn to work more efficiently in Word by customizing the ribbon, creating macros, and using building blocks. In addition, students will learn to record and copy macros.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1:           Using Mail Merge
Topic A:        Form letters
Topic B:        Data sources for the recipient list
Topic C:        Mailing labels and envelopes

Unit 2:           Objects and backgrounds
Topic A:        Inserting content from other applications
Topic B:        Changing the document background

Unit 3:           Using macros
Topic A:        Recording and running macros
Topic B:        Modifying and deleting macros

Unit 4:           Working with forms
Topic A:        Creating forms
Topic B:        Protecting forms
Topic C:        Sharing and securing documents

Unit 5:           Customizing Word
Topic A:        Customizing the Ribbon
Topic B:        Customizing the Quick Access toolbar
Topic C:        Customizing keyboard shortcuts

 Unit 6:          Long documents
Topic A:        Master documents
Topic B:        Tables of contents and figures
Topic C:        Indexes, bibliographies, and other references
Topic D:        Bookmarks and cross-references